Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

11. October 2016

... day after day

10. October 2016

So loving

09. October 2016


Today we celebrated our littlest Christening. The day started without fuss and everybody seemed to be really relaxed although lots of things had to be done and everybody had to get ready in time.

The kids were great and didn´t make trouble. I checked the whole things to take with us the day before, clothes were prepared and this made the day start joyfully!

Thank you Martin Hofmann for capturing this awwwwwwwwesome memories ... 
it is always a pleasure beyond words having you for taking our family pics!

Montag, 21. August 2017

08. October 2016


It was a pretty cold and rainy day today! L. was helping her Omi making the garden ready for winter and she was playing so long with her big brother outside.

In the meantime little lion had several naps with already snuggly warm clothes... oh no... the warm days are gone!

07. October 2016

06. October 2016

2 months old

12. October 2016